Ayurvedic Diet Consultation


Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic Diet helps to restore optimum health quickly and aids in treating diseases. Food as Medicine is a basic principle of ayurvedic diet. It improves appetite and digestion. It makes your gut happier and healthier. It also affects the mind and improves sleep quality. It helps to enhance mood and reduces stress.

Ayurvedic diet plans are based on and prepared according to unique ayurvedic body type, disease, dosha involvement in a health condition, pathogenesis of disease and even season.

There are huge benefits of the ayurvedic diet. It also helps to lose weight, improves fertility and prevents several diseases. Therefore, a healthy person can also consult for an ayurvedic diet plan to improve health and reduces the risks of diseases running in his/her family. So, it can help to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other diseases.

Ayurvedic diet includes healthy foods and recommended food list according to body type, disease, dosha analysis and other health conditions. So, it helps to treat a whole person instead of a specific illness.

Ayurvedic food list includes the use of healthy fat or cooking oils, cereal or grains, spices, seasonal fruits and vegetables and other foods.

Ayurvedic diet can also be very specific and may differ for everyone. Therefore, ayurvedic diet consultation is very important before adopting ayurvedic diet plan in your life.

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