Dosha Quiz (Ayurveda Dosha Test) – Ayurvedic Body Type Test

Find Dosha Quiz (Ayurveda Dosha Test) to check your Ayurvedic Body Type (Prakriti) and learn more about your body and mind.

Select an appropriate option applicable to you for each question appearing below:

About Dosha Quiz

This quiz can help you to identify the dominance of any one of Vata, Pitta or Kapha Dosha in your body. It further helps you to learn more about which ayurvedic diet is more suitable for you and what you should do to keep yourself healthy.

Generally, your body type is a unique, which is a blend of three body humors – Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha, or Kapha Dosha. According to the dominance of any of these Dosha, make you prone to specific health conditions. You can prevent those diseases by doing a proper alternation in your diet and changing a way of living that prevents aggravation of dominant Dosha in your body and keep others under control.

Ayurvedic medicines and herbs are also prescribed considering your body type and primary, secondary, and tertiary dominance of the three Dosha in the health condition and its symptoms.

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